Why Should Small Businesses Care About Social Media?

Social Media is the newest and most popular method to drive targeted traffic to your site. The power of social media has to do with crowdsourcing, find the most crowded places on the Internet and position yourself and your business in the crowd.

However, to properly monetize social media is not something that can be done by any rookie, it takes an experienced media professionals to get you and your business noticed in the crowd.

Social media will continue to grow more and more on a daily basis. Over the years, we have researched the top social media sites to effectively leverage for maximum return on investment.

YouTube Stats:
2 billion videos viewed, every day. 24 hours of video uploaded, every minute. More video is uploaded in 60 days than all 3 major US networks created in 60 years. 46 years of videos watched a day, on facebook via YouTube. YouTube’s auto speech recognition tech translates video and captions into 51 languages.

Twitter Stats :
200+ Million users. 40+ Billion tweets. 140 Million tweets a day. 300,000+ apps. 1,000+% growth. 400 employees. 500,000 accounts added, daily.

LinkedIn Stats:
100 Million+ members. 1 Million new members every week. 17.8 Million belong to groups. 1.2 million comments and posts to groups each week. 2 billion people searches annually. 1 million companies have a company page.

Facebook Stats:
#1 Most visited web site. 500+ Million active members. 700+ Billion minutes are spent on facebook, every month. 20+ Million apps installed daily. 900+ Million objects people interact with. 200+ Million access via a mobile device. Average user generates 90 pieces of content every month. 250+ Million people engage with facebook on external sites.